Destiny Homes Client Testimonials

Our customers will tell you themselves – Destiny Homes listens to the details that matter to you and delivers on promises.

Tom and Karen Stauber
Tom and Karen Stauber talk about the “trust factor” with Destiny Homes and how it mattered in construction of their new home.

“We wouldn’t use anyone but Butch and his team. There really was no choice. They were the ones, because over the years, the relationship we had developed, they understood who we were. They understood what we needed. They took the time to get to know us, as individuals, as a family.”

Kay and Kevin Madden
Kay and Kevin Madden talk about their luxury kitchen remodel, outdoor room, and “a million little projects”.

“I think Kay put it right, “What haven’t they done?” Butch and his team, I think they started with understanding what your needs are. A lot of times it is that last five percent that really makes the difference between good contractors and great contractors. And these guys close strong.”

Paul and Destini Molitor
Paul and Destini Molitor talk about the details that mattered as they engaged Destiny Homes, a Minneapolis home builder on construction of their first home. Over the years they continued ongoing decorating projects, and becoming friends with Butch.

“Whenever something happens, we say “You had better call Butch”. There is no question, how ever small your request is or however big your request is, they are concerned with the smallest details. It is not surprising that most of the clients they have eventually become friends because that is the type of people they are.”

Additional Reviews:

Hi all,

Thank you very much for personalized bath towels. The boys are going to love them! The bathroom is great and the process has been smoother than any build or renovation we have ever done (and we have built 4 houses and multiple updates). Thank you for the great bathroom and professionalism.

I look forward to working with you on updating the other bathrooms in the future.


I just wanted to let you know that the tree removal has been going well – two out yesterday and the third right now as I am writing this email. I have been very impressed with their work and care of my yard. Yesterday at 3:25 I left to go pick up my granddaughters from preschool and the guys were still working to finish the two trees. With the storm rolling in fast, I was expecting to come back home 45 minutes later to a lot of small debris left in the yard and on the driveway since they were coming back in the morning. To my amazement, EVERYTHING was cleaned up and left in great shape. I’m sure you knew they were great but thought you might like to hear it from us!

Hi Butch
I have to tell you that Mike is great to work with. It is tough to live up to your standards, but he is definitely doing it from a customer perspective.

I just had dinner with my friend who used Destiny for her remodeling about 5 years ago. About 3 weeks ago, during that horrible rainstorm, she had water coming into her laundry room. She called Butch in a panic asking him what to do. He was dressed up (on his way to an industry dinner), but he showed up anyway and got up on her roof to check the problem. He did a few things and the leak stopped. We’ve had urgent repair issues from time to time, and Butch or one of his people has always shown up to help us. You can count on the Destiny team to come to your aid also.

Hey Butch, I’m at work but spoke with Rachel and we just want to thank you for how responsive you were with our water issue and also to pass on our thanks to Greg. He has done a phenomenal job on everything and it was amazing how quickly he came over and fixed the problem. Thanks for all the work you guys have done. This whole process has far surpassed our expectations.

I would highly recommend (and have) Destiny Homes to anyone looking for a remodeling project. I was amazed at how stress free the whole process was – and I loved the whiteboard Butch had in our house showing what was on the schedule for the week. They hit their timelines every step of the way – and the end product was amazing! His sub-contractors even raved about him and how much they like working with Destiny Homes.
Amanda A.

They did such an excellent job in terms of communication, budget, and time. I didn’t realize how important this was at the time, but all of the subcontractors couldn’t speak highly enough about working for Destiny Homes.

Our experience with Destiny Homes was incredible. The conscientiousness of the entire team and contractors, the quality of the workmanship and the consistent communication and adherence to the schedule was impressive. The design resources helped us create the home of our dreams. This is the only team I will ever work with on home projects–no matter how big or small.
Nicole A.

The timing is great. They are personable and professional. I have worked with Butch and John, and both are top of the line. I would highly recommend Destiny Homes! They are quality. We keep going back. I know the work will be done right. They make sure I am happy!
Dana A.

They are for sure a FOUR! We are a repeat customer, and that is one of the big things. Butch tells you when it will be done and it gets done. It always writes on a board and he is excellent.

Communication was excellent. They carefully listened to our desires and made them a reality. They guided us often when their expertise far surpassed our knowledge. We felt we were in good hands which eliminated much of the anxiety which can accompany a project.

We are very pleased with the result of our remodeling project! I felt confident that things would be in good hands when I interviewed three neighbors who had also had work done by Destiny Homes and they showed me their beautiful results and spoke so highly of Butch Sprenger. While the project was underway my husband and I were living six hours’ drive away in DeKalb, Illinois. I made three or four trips up and consulted with the designer on choices of lighting, tiles, fixtures, appliances, flooring, etc. But the bulk of the work was done without our presence and when we walked in at the termination of the work we were so delighted with it all. Butch had kept us well informed as he had work done, even sending photos from time to time. We have since been telling anyone who is anticipating a remodel that Butch Sprenger would be the one of our choice. Hands down.
Marlee Clymer

“Butch Sprenger has an approach to serving clients that seems to be missing in our current marketplace. He is timely, knowledgeable, efficient and involved in all aspects of the job.”
Dee Z

I will always be grateful to Trig the DuctHunter who referred me to you. Last October my house was at peril since it had been gutted due to mold issues and now needed to be winterized. Trig advised me Butch with Destiny Homes knows what he is doing and can be trusted. Your house will look great when he is done with it. Trig was right. I also remember last October Butch was already busy but saw how critical it was for action to be taken. I was very fortunate he made time. At the time I was a recent widow and discovering a major mold issue. I will always be grateful too for Butch taking on my house and for all the wonderful subs that worked on this project. They not only put my house back together but in many ways my life. Thanks to all.
Joy Gorra

Destiny Homes completed my project on time and on budget. The project result exceeded all of my expectations. Butch was so organized. I always knew what was going on in my home.
Cheryl D.

My husband and I first met Butch of Destiny Homes about 12 years ago when my brother had some remodeling done and we liked the work that was done and they recommended him. So we hired him to completely gut our kitchen, then a few years later we had him remodel our kids bathroom and just recently had him remodel out Master bath, Power room, redo our ceilings and put in hardwood floors and he took down a wall.

The reason we keep going back to Butch? First off he is a perfectionist. He does beautiful work and when he says the work will be done. IT WILL. The most recent project he did for us he said it would be 2 months and it was. He is very good about keeping you updated on what will be happening in the upcoming days. He had some great people that came in to do the work all a very nice bunch and no matter the question they were willing to help me out in anyway. We are really happy with how everything turned out, Very quality work by all the contractors. Butch is also a really nice guy and you will meet another really nice guy with the man on the scene. His name is John and he is very professional and if there is ever a question on what is happening He will have the answers along with Butch. Available anytime you call. If ever you are worried about how something might look. They have great patience and will make it so that you are happy. I would highly recommend this company.

We used Butch to finish our basement 8 years ago and have used him to do numerous projects since then. Butch does what he says he going to do, in the timeframe he promises. He and his subcontractors are very reliable and great to work with. He is our first call when anything needs to be done around our home.
Doug & Geralyn

We give Destiny Homes a highest rating. The end result is even better than we had dared to envision at the start. They do quality work, are prompt, communicate exceedingly well with the client, and help the client attain their hoped-for improvements. It was all very professionally handled and yet also done with a personal, friendly demeanor. We would recommend him highly to anyone planning a remodel.
Marlee Clymer

Destiny Homes came recommended to us, but we had no idea how amazing it would be to work with this company. Butch’s long-term contractors and suppliers made this whole main level remodel easier than we could have ever imagined. Butch was on site daily managing the schedules and ensuring quality of his contractors. His attention to detail is unmatched–he foresaw potential challenges to the design before they became an issue and used his years of experience to make the whole remodel flawless. Working with Destiny, as our primary designer, was a highly creative and fun experience. She got to know our personal style and make fantastic recommendations that have made our 20+ year old home look like one of this year’s Parade of Homes showcases. Butch also redid our master bathroom and our entire front yard landscaping. We highly recommend Destiny Homes.
Nicole A

We have used Destiny Homes multiple times in the past 10 years – finishing our basement, kitchen remodel and landscape design – and they have always exceeded our expectations. They understood our unique needs for each project and provided functional and beautiful design. Most impressive was their ability to start and complete our extensive kitchen remodel between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are responsive throughout all phases of the project and complete projects on time. Butch is the only one we call for our home remodeling needs.
Randy and Lynda Cyr

We have engaged Destiny Homes for multiple home projects. In every instance, their work has exceeded our expectations. More importantly, we know that we can trust in their commitments. We have also had several time critical situations where Destiny was able to respond quickly with a high-quality contractor. We no longer bother to call anyone else and highly recommend Destiny.
Brad and Lynn Adams

Butch is excellent at what he does. We most recently resided our home and could not be happier with the result. We have used Butch for 25 + years on both major and minor projects. He is the best there is.
Mick & Terry W

I hired Destiny Homes to complete a full house remodel, literally gutting the structure from top to bottom while my family lived in the house! The team was professional, work completed timely, within budget and to my satisfaction. I can confidently recommend Destiny Homes as a quality contractor that stands behind their work.
Mary S

Great people who do outstanding work. Loved working with them and four years later still love the project they completed for our home. They were with us every step of the way and completed the project on-time. They take the time to understand your needs and budget to create an amazing finished product. My dream is to have them build me an entire house one day.
M Matson

Destiny Homes has performed the design and construction services for several major projects at our home. We absolutely love the outside curb appeal they created for our home along with a wonderful backyard escape. We truly enjoy our special master suite. Our recent kitchen refresh further confirmed why we keep going back to Destiny Homes for our remodel needs. Butch listens to your needs to develop a custom design that is both beautiful and functional. Communication and follow up is outstanding. Destiny Homes leverages the highest quality vendors to execute the project. We strongly recommend Destiny Homes for your remodel needs!
Lori and Mark Bonin

We used Destiny Homes for a bathroom remodel. Before we started working with them we were struggling to come up with a design. Butch was able to guide us into some options we weren’t aware of – things that turned out really well (type of toilet and bath, heated floor, cabinet design, etc.); their design assistance was invaluable. As helpful as the design work was, the construction process was unique; excellent! We have used various contractors in the past where you never know the schedule, as there are regular last-minute changes and delays. With Destiny Homes, however, work started at 7:30am on exactly the day promised – all the subcontractors came in and out as needed over the following weeks. Butch left a whiteboard with the schedule at our house showing what the next steps and the overall schedule were – and the reality matched the promises! The time quoted to us as we signed the contract was indeed the time it took to get the project done. That type of scheduling is very unusual (in our experience) when working with remodeling contractors! We are very satisfied with the overall quality of the work. We will definitely look to Destiny Homes when we undertake the next project.

My husband and I have worked with Butch for many years, and they are consistently outstanding. Butch has a complete understanding of construction and stays involved in every project. He definitely keeps the project moving, ensures you know the status and delivers high quality results. He has earned my complete trust and respect. We recently designed a custom tv console furniture piece to fit below a big screen tv in the living room. It was built by a national furniture provider to meet the unique design needs. It is stunning and couldn’t be happier.
Barb Patton

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