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Denver Colorado Landscape Irrigation - The Green FuseThe key ingredient to nurturing a beautiful, thriving landscape in Colorado is having a water wise irrigation system that runs effectively.

Colorado’s dry, arid climate, with only an average of 15 inches of precipitation per year, requires watering your landscape efficiently and implementing sustainable gardening practices.

A professionally installed landscape irrigation system can significantly reduce your landscape maintenance efforts and lower water usage, while keeping your plants, trees, and turf healthy and vibrant. Providing your landscape with adequate water requires a carefully developed plan and innovative irrigation design, as well as knowledge of plant root systems and their hydration needs. Proper irrigation is essential for getting your plants the water they need to flourish. Irrigation systems are a convenient way to water your landscape or garden and notably decrease water usage.

The Green Fuse takes the hassle out of landscape care by designing and installing the latest irrigation system to provide exactly the right amount of water to your landscape. Our water-conscious solutions help you eliminate water waste and control soil erosion through proven methods, such as rotary/high-efficiency spray nozzles to avoid wind drift, and drip irrigation to minimize run-off. Our knowledge of best water practices and local watering regulations make it easy for you to keep your properties lush and full of life while also respecting Colorado’s unique growing environment.

We offer but are not limited to the following:
• Irrigation Design, Installation & Repair
• Extension or Reduction of Existing Systems
• Residential Irrigation Services
• Select Commercial Irrigation Services

Contact the Green Fuse at 303-507-4772 for complete Irrigation and Installation services.

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